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Do you know what the future phone will do?

2017-08-14 14:06:50


Today, as you can see, the smell of smartphones has grown, the innovation of the smart phone is also changing, with the continuous development of electronic technology, digital products more and more close to people's life.The result is that people keep pursuing more convenient and convenient enjoyment, more recreational atmosphere.


For most 5 g may also and we are very far apart, in fact, as early as 4 g technology business, 5 g technology has been developed, from the point of "baidu" explanation, the fifth generation of mobile communication standard action, also known as the fifth generation (foreign language abbreviation: 5 g) mobile communication technology, the domestic and foreign related enterprises have invested considerable resources research in this field for 5 g network, and said it would achieve commercial in 2020.



Flexible screen this concept as early as 2013 by LG to cell phone use, the LG G Flex appearance design is advanced, slightly curved fuselage, even pushing flat can intact and flexible. Today, we see a on the non exhibition from FlexEnable "wrist wear equipment", the company will be called OLCD (organic liquid crystal display), the product can almost winding on any object, through outdoor display technology can see the contents of the screen, if the flexible screen the technology improved, believe that soon will usher in the real flexible screen smart phone.

According to guo ping, the company's rotating CEO, there will be 100 billion connections in the future, with 7 billion of them likely to account for only 10 percent of the total number of connections, and most of them will be connected to objects and objects. Therefore, the enhancement of connectivity is the top priority we should make, and huawei is well prepared for this.

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