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Galaxy Note8 only for fans

2017-09-12 14:45:41

 Since last year, the trend of large-screen smartphones has changed. Although the Note 7 had to be better than most of its rivals before the recall, this year's Galaxy Note 8 appeared to be less obvious, including samsung's own Galaxy S8 +. In addition, the Galaxy Note 8 is now one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, and the 64GB model is priced at $930.

For samsung fans, though, that may not matter. In addition to the big screen, it also wants top level configurations, top design, and, of course, the S Pen stylus. Thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 recall, fans have been waiting too long.
Maybe the Galaxy Note 8 isn't for everyone, but it must be what fans want..


The Galaxy Note series has long been known for its big screen, and the Galaxy Note 8 has reached new heights again. It comes equipped with a 6.3-inch Infinity Display Display, which extends the screen to the edge of the phone, leaving a little margin above and below the screen. This high-quality display has all the advantages of samsung's high-end display technology: clear, vibrant, and bright. Even under the direct sunlight, you can still see the contents clearly. Perhaps when watching the video, a 6.3 -inch screen is not too big, but 18.5:9 ratio can let you see more content, or can also be in split screen multitasking mode at the same time run two App.

Samsung has tried to make the big screen look bigger, including a smaller bezel, a longer frame, a curved screen and so on. But despite this, one problem remains: the Galaxy Note 8 is still a huge phone. One of the problems with large-screen phones is that they can't be used on the Galaxy Note 8, and it's not very comfortable in the pocket.



In addition, the Galaxy Note 8's volume has been further enlarged, making it very awkward to use the rear fingerprint identification button. Its fingerprint sensor is on the right side of the back camera and requires another dedicated finger to be recognized just like the Galaxy S8. I've been using the Galaxy S8+ for several months, and I'm used to this annoying design. But it still happen in the Galaxy Note 8, if samsung can like other manufacturers, simply designed for fingerprint identification button in the camera directly on the back of, will be easier for you to use.
In the Galaxy Note 8, samsung offers iris recognition and face scanning unlocking, so we don't have to rely entirely on fingerprint commentary. For now, though, facial recognition is generally safer. But since the Galaxy S8 came out, samsung has started to improve, so it is now running faster and more reliably. Iris recognition is still as fast and safe as fingerprint recognition, but it requires us to turn our camera on our face and open our eyes to work.

Most intriguing of all, the Galaxy Note 8 feels a lot bigger than the screen size of the Galaxy S8 +. The Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3-inch screen and the Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2-inch screen, but because the Galaxy Note 8 has a more angular shape and is closer to a giant, it looks bigger. In addition, the Galaxy Note 8 weighs 195 grams, compared with the Galaxy S8+ weighing 22 grams. It may not sound like much, but the Galaxy Note 8 is much bigger and heavier in the hands.
But in addition to these differences, the Galaxy Note 8 with the Galaxy S8 + almost nothing much different, and this is all very beautiful glass body and the collocation of metal frame, and also at the bottom of the screen virtual buttons and pressure screen, the same IP68 dust waterproof level, so need not worry completely in damp environment use. Whether it's rain, shower or drink, don't worry.
Galaxy Note 8 still retained the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the position is quite right, also in charge at the bottom of the interface of the left, at the same time, samsung in the packing of the Galaxy Note 8 throw in the AKG headset quality is quite good. On the left side of the Galaxy Note 8's fuselage, it's a button designed to start Bixby's voice assistant, but it's often wrong and annoying. Samsung still has no permission to change the button to launch other applications. The current Bixby assistant is not much changed from the time it was unveiled on the Galaxy S8, and it looks like this dedicated button is pretty much right now

On the configuration, the Galaxy Note 8 is very similar to the Galaxy S8 +. Including qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, 64GB/128GB/256GB storage space, support microSD card extension. In memory, the Galaxy Note 8 6 gb than the Galaxy S8 + 4 gb of more than 2 gb, but in the process of actual use, I basically did not see that the difference between, is very smooth and fast, so the performance of the two flagship completely don't have to worry about. Perhaps the Galaxy Note 8's extra running memory is useful for the use of the samsung DeX base, but not in this review.
It's also known why the Galaxy Note 8 is a little less than the Galaxy Note 7 in battery capacity. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with a 3300mAh capacity battery that supports quick charging and wireless charging. This is a little smaller than the Galaxy S8+ 3500mAh, but in practical terms, the battery should not be much better. Most users will be able to stay on for 24 hours, and only heavy users need to consider whether they should be carrying a mobile power or charger at night



With all the similarities between the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 +, the few differences between them seem precious. The biggest difference should be the Galaxy Note 8's iconic S Pen stylus, which is an important symbol of samsung's separation of the Galaxy Note from other products on the market. The Galaxy Note 8 is also the only flagship device on the market with a stylus. Samsung said the Galaxy Note's users were very fond of S Pen, and that's why the Galaxy Note 7 failed, but it didn't have any impact on the Galaxy Note 7.
S Pen can be used to make notes, compare screens, screenshots, doodles, select text or more accurately than fingers on the screen. You can even start recording without locking the phone in the lock screen, and then pin the pad on the screen for later viewing.







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