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Apple held a conference, with the iPhone X bright spot

2017-09-15 13:55:31

 I. event overview.

Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 8/8plus, a new generation of iPhone X, iWatch series 3 (built-in cellular network) and TV(4K+HDR) in the early hours of Sept. 13. The iPhone 8/8plus starts at $699, $799, September 15, and starts on September 22. The iPhone X starts at $999 and is scheduled for October 27 and will be available on November 3.


2. Analysis and judgment.
The iPhone X has a full screen, Face ID, Emoji, TrueDepth camera system and other highlights.
1, iPhone X 5.8 inch OLED screen comprehensively, namely the pixel density of 458 ppi, a resolution of 2435 X 1125 super retina screen, fast response speed, visual effect is amazing and grip feeling better, no Home button, which can realize touch wake function (slide up from the bottom of the screen to enter the Home screen), dustproof, waterproof, support look into space gray and silver two versions.

2, iPhone X pick up front TrueDepth camera system, double rear 12 million pixel perturbation (vertically, unlike the iPhone 8 series), A11biometric processor, ISP chip, etc., with software algorithm, realize Face ID, AR, such as Emoji innovation capabilities. The front-facing TrueDepth camera system includes infrared cameras, flood illumination cameras, distance sensors, ambient light sensors, front-facing cameras, and lattice projectors. The A11 processor runs up to 600 billion neural network engines per second, with CPU+GPU design, a 25 per cent performance core, and 70 per cent energy efficiency core, and 30 per cent improvement in apple's self-designed GPU compared with A10.


3, Face ID is the engine, first using the neural networks to replace the original fingerprint touch ID, which can realize the user to look at a mobile phone to automatically unlock function, can accurately distinguish the glasses and hat of users, to recognize the reality and photos, can protect sensitive personal information, the identification error probability is only one over one million (far below before touch ID). Face ID supports Pay to double click the side button, take a look at the phone to realize payment, and the entire payment process is natural and smooth. Face ID supports a large number of third-party applications (including the original touchID application) and has a wide range of applications.



4. Based on TrueDepth camera system, iPhone X can make more realistic and personalized emojis. Users can load their own expressions on various small animal models through TrueDepth platform




5, we believe that the iPhone X is the biggest product of apple innovation, carrying the OLED screen, comprehensive TrueDepth camera system, A11 processor, such as new hardware, new Face ID, AR, Emoji innovation function, hardware and software collaborative innovation strength, experience the effect is good. The iPhone X is the benchmark for industry innovation and will be highly favored by users, leading to a new wave of new machines.
Wireless charging, wireless connected world, wide application.
IPhone and iPhone X 8 series support bluetooth wireless connection, using Qi wireless charging standards, watch series 3, AirPods () in the box, the iPhone only 8 on the charging base wireless charging, could be carried out is very convenient and can be applied to the coffee shop, cars, restaurants, and other fields. The wireless charging dock looks like an oval plate and is even thinner and lighter. We believe that wireless charging saves the hassle of carrying data wires and is more convenient for charging multiple apple products and has a wide range of applications


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